Shelburne Hills Farm
Cows and calves in a grassy field with a farmer

Missouri Born & Raised

We have carefully cultivated our family's cattle herd over several generations based on desired traits and genetics to achieve cows that are hardy, adaptive, and quality beef producers.  

Our herd is a blend of Black Angus, Hereford, and Gelbvieh genetics. All of our cattle are born and raised on our family's century-farm, and are cared for by hand on a daily basis. 

Cow licking it's calf in a grassy field

Local Feed for Local Cattle

We get our finishing feed locally from Trenton, Missouri. Supporting area businesses is important to us - and to our future as a local community.

Bone in ribeye with seasonings on a cutting board

Dry-Aged Beef

Shelburne Hills Farm beef is dry aged 14-21 days at the local, USDA inspected Chillicothe Meat Locker. 

Dry aging occurs while the cleaned carcass is hanging in a refrigerated cooler for a period of time after harvest and before butchering.

The process changes the beef in two ways. First, moisture evaporating from the muscle creates a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste. Second, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscles which naturally tenderizes the beef.

You can find dry aged beef at high-end steakhouses or put some high-quality, grain-finished beef on your own table with a Shelburne Hills Farm order

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